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Please share this every where. Exposure is the only safety for this man and his family. A whistleblower of sorts. Thank you.

53 Division Toronto Police Service came to my house tonight to talk with my wife and I at my request. The senior officer took my report quite seriously. The junior officer could not help but be influenced.

In my early June meeting with a Detective and another officer at the police station, again the senior officer took my report quite seriously. I got some good security tips tonight, but most importantly advice on dealing with terror tactics (rape, death threats, torture), “let him know you are not someone to mess with,” i.e., to not give in to threats.

This morning about 10 AM I shared a summary of my story with a major US TV network, and the CBC via Facebook messaging. The ‘manifesto’ summary did make an impression. Of course while the major US network person expressed how sorry they were about what was done to me, they could not report on it. “yes no kidding” I replied. They are part of the 80% of TV media with majority control by one company. I asked them to at least report on it if I am terminated. Now that the poles show the Conservatives will not win, I hope the CBC will start standing tall again.

Within about an hour of these communications, the JTF officer from the US Consulate conducted an unprecedented attack. Note that none of this exchange was posted on Facebook. Thus, this is a third ‘bait test’ indicating my phone line is not only wiretapped by the RCMP, but shared real-time with “Mitch” the USA JTF officer in the USA Consulate. ‪#‎CBC‬ ‪#‎JTF‬

At 11:30 AM the JTF officer performed a high-tech terror attack (drapes were closed but who else could it be) using two different (RF/EMF) weapons .The first attack I had never experienced before, but I had read about this technology.

The first was 15 seconds of RF/EMF that caused my eyes to wobble uncontrollably so I could not focus at all, or it could have been my optic nerve that was being modulated upon, I cannot be certain. Everything jiggling up and down dramatically and my sensory neural system was over stimulated causing pain, and I heard an electric humming sound just as it started. I was lying down on my couch to nap (PTSD messes up your sleep.) I bolted awake within the first 5 seconds, sat up and then screamed, “STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP!” as I was in trauma. I heard a footfall in the front porch. There was an about 5 sec pause before 2nd attack, likely needed to change weapons.

The second attack was voice-to-skull (V2K) transmission of the iPhone default send message sound. V2K is not high fidelity, and it was not quite as clear as is heard through the rare-earth magnet speakers on an iPhone, but unmistakable nonetheless. He had used V2K once before on me on June 21, 2014 to lure me out of the house to the only secluded place on my block for a chemical weapons test “Outdoor Fog Delivery of Aerosol Scopolamine.” That was the event that mortally injured our Golden Retriever. ‪#‎V2K‬ ‪#‎Scopolamine‬‪#‎chemicalweapontes‬

I must say this RF/EMF retaliation was elegant as well as brutal. The message was crystal clear: You send emails that cause me pain, and I will perform brutal electronic weapon assault ‘emails’ right back at you. I did not report this to the police right away, as they have no experience dealing with covert attacks from the USA JTF, which are always “Plausibly Deniable,” and especially no experience with esoteric RF/EMF weapons.

At 8:00 PM tonight I saw what looked like Mitch the JTF officer from the USA Consulate, in the same colour car, make, model as I photographed him in February after I lured him out of the Consulate to get his picture. He had just pulled over on the north side of Montgomery in front of us as my wife and I drove by. He looked down at his phone to hide has face.

I said nothing to my wife but upon getting home (two blocks,) I put on my protective gear (no lethal weapon) and took a route to approach from behind. I noted a vehicle that is one of several that have been keeping me under surveillance on my way around the block to reach him from behind – he was gone when I arrived. (He carries an all chrome automatic handgun, which he put to my head in the January home invasion when I tried to resist. He also showed it in the 2005 event.)

At 8:18 pm my wife picked up the phone and the caller hang up. The caller’s number was the same exchange as my neighbourhood (416) 482-XXXX, which was tactical as we would be more likely to pick up for a neighbour – I am on the board of my neighbourhood association. Calling the number yielded “This number is not in service.” That’s when I called the police. As a computer professional I know it is quite possible to falsify caller-ids, but it takes specialized software, equipment and know-how. 99% of the population cannot do it, but covert, USA Military Special forces have all such technology at their fingertips.

My wife survived the trauma of being a top targeted family under Mao’s Cultural Revolution in China for 10 years. This last 10.5 years of targeting of her family IN CANADA she finds much more stressful, and fearful. This is getting too much for her, and she may have PTSD now too. I believe it was the microwave tampering that did it.

Now it is Canada Day. Let’s review the situation here in mid-town Toronto, three blocks from Canada’s first rebellion:

– A US Special Forces (JTF) officer out of the US Consulate has been allowed to terrorize my family and I for 10.5 years, including yesterday.
– His June 21, 2014 chemical weapon covert test mortally injured our dog, and easily could have killed me as I stopped breathing several times. In Jan, 2015 he home invaded our house; I was drugged with Scopolamine, tortured-to-dissociate, raped, and interrogated. He sabotaged our microwave to cause harm to my family and I for an experiment.
– The RCMP National Security department refuses to help, as in fact they are enablers, and referred me to local police.
– CSIS has had more than a half dozen communications from me, and has done nothing but refer me to local police.
– Community police do not have the training and equipment to deal with foreign country, Special Forces, covert activities on Canadian soil. Since the pros never leave evidence, all is “Plausibly Deniable.” [If they left evidence, they wouldn’t be pros]

The RCMP National Security department (from where Bob Paulson was plucked by Mr. Harper) have been directly involved in helping the US military and CIA/OSS in developing “better assassins” since 1940, see the article announcing the RCMP-OSS collaboration project for this in the Ottawa Citizen in 1940. ‪#‎RCMP‬

The best assassin for secret police (National Security department of RCMP are secret police) is one who can be directed to kill and have no recollection of the event afterward for years, and thus be unable to finger the state security apparatus orchestrators. That is what was used in the Parliament Hill shooting terror event.

I was an R&D sleeper assassin, and I know how to spot the signs. It was false flag event, to justify ramming through C-51 which massively removes Canadian’s civil liberties, and charter rights. ‪#‎C‬-51

Our country has imported the Nazi tactics (burning of Reichstag by the Nazis to justify suspending civil liberties,) direct from the USA. They in turn perfected this technology by importing 500 Nazi mind control scientists to America in 1945 in the CIA ‘Project Paperclip’, see wanttoknowDOTinfo. ‪#‎falseflag‬ ‪#‎Nazi‬

The recent Charleston shooting also has strong indications of being such an event, since the video of him entering the police station shows his pupils dilated, and his eyes blinking slowly just as Scopolamine causes. I was hit with Scopolamine 3 times in non-consensual tests. There are many other events in the US going back 60 years that have indications of mind-controlled assassins that were tarted up as ‘Marxist’, ‘Islamist’ or even ‘Anti-Government’ types.‪#‎Charleston‬

If North Americans, and Europeans wish to clean up/sanitize our democracies, they have no better an opportunity currently than helping this recovered MKULTRA R&D sleeper-assassin get his tell-all book out. I believe I am the only R&D sleeper assassin that has managed to get this far public. There may never be another. ‪#‎mkultra‬ ‪#‎sleeperassassin‬

The tactic being used now is to traumatize my family and I so much that we separate (PTSD causes lots of divorces,) whereupon it will be much easier to take/murder me to stop the book from coming out, or even movie. ‪#‎terror‬

The RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson should resign. Mr. Harper plucked him from the National Security department AFTER I wrote him in April 2010 telling him that the RCMP played a pivotal role in the 2005 torture-interrogation, and mind-control demonstration between JTF and JTF2. He promoted the man who signed off on RCMP involvement in crimes against humanity for the reward of getting the very latest and greatest sleeper-assassin (mind-control) R&D training. ‪#‎BobPaulson‬

Perhaps Mr. Harper’s decision was by design, as only a few years later we see sleeper-assassin, false flag event on Parliament Hill just as the Harper caucus was sitting down to plan the implementation of C-51, rights removing legislation. How convenient to terrorize the house members, and the public to accept C-51 being rammed through. Look also at the spate of ‘terror’ events that followed within 6-8 weeks. ‪#‎Harper‬ #falseflag

This would explain why despite my numerous emails to/cc Mr. Harper, he still permits this continued TERRORISM by a foreign military, special-forces operator of a law-biding, Canadian civilian and his family. We saw these terror tactics in dictatorships with secret police (i.e. STASI) before the Iron Curtain fell. We also saw them in CIA propped-up dictatorships with their secret police in the Middle East, Central American, Africa and elsewhere, in fact we still do.‪#‎terrorism‬

To quote the G20 police officer “this is not Canada anymore.” ‪#‎G20‬

Is there not one newspaper publisher with Katherine Graham’s grit and guts that understands the importance of this, and would be willing to permit a story to be written? Even one story could significantly enhance the safety of my family, co-author and I.

With such protection (plus better physical security), my family can stay together and get this important work complete. This book will educate the public on how to spot false flag events by sleeper (mind-controlled) actors. This should help cleanse our democracies fairly fast.

As for Mitch, the JTF Officer’s very real threat of a painful and possibly life-debilitating/ending response to my continuing email campaign:

Its Canada Day, get together with some friends, put on some music (Rush, The Guess Who ‘American Woman’) and drink some beer.

Matthew PXXXXX
Montgomery Avenue