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Stop the Chinese Buyout of Smithfield!: Thank You, Tell-a-Friend – Food & Water Watch.


James Gilliland ~ Gamma Ray Bursts, Solar Flares, Cosmic Rays, Shifts In Human Consciousness

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ECETI May 29 2013

Gamma ray burst

As many know we are getting bombarded by gamma ray bursts, solar flares, cosmic rays and other magnetic influences due to the alignment with Galactic Plane. Many are observing the unprecedented increase in earthquake, volcanic eruptions along with severe weather. What we are not seeing is how these energies affect human consciousness.

The earth is expanding – busting at the seams. We are expanding as well. These energies affect the bioelectric fields surrounding the human body all the way to the DNA level.

We have subtle (more refined) bodies – a body within a body – and these bodies hold consciousness and energy. What is held within these bodies or your fields is being activated. Energized. And there is nowhere to hide from this process. Try as you might that wounded little child will not have its way. Within the greatest of all tyrants (the cruelest, cold-hearted people) is a wounded little girl or boy. We all have this to one degree or another.

The wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences are all being energized, activated, and they are creating our tomorrows. The pain, sadness, anger, trespasses, unloving acts experienced in past lives and in childhood are all held within these fields. The higher consciousness and energy are activating them, bringing them up to the surface, magnetizing people, places and events to each and every one of us so that we may heal and release the past.

Love is the ultimate power in the Multiverse. Love is the catalyst for this healing process. It is the love of God/Creator/ Source/Great Spirit, what ever name you want to give it coming down through the dimensions that is activating this process.

You will see this process acted out in many ways individually and collectively. Do not get caught up in the manifestations. Become the observe. See the cause.

A great master once said in every experience it all boils down to two things – love and lack of love. Fear, anger, sadness, sorrow, transgressions, selfish, separative acts even violent acts all come from the lack of love. In most cases it is the lack of love experienced in our childhood, the experiences and environment in which we established how we see and create the world in which we live.

Buddha said, “We are what we think, all that we are arises in out thoughts, with our thoughts we create the world.” A little addendum can be applied to this and that is collectively we are all creating and there are a lot of wounded creators out there – some taking the upward spiral, some taking the downward spiral. Although we focus on love, joy, bliss, service to others there will always be those with a different truth. The problem in addressing this is not to become what you are against. The answer is to become the observer. Take responsibility and be accountable for your creations, the people and events you magnetized to you as a reflection of your consciousness, and become an example. The best leaders lead by example.

Do not get caught up in reactionary mind. Try to hold the creationary mind focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want, and detach from the things that no longer bring you joy.

Mary once said worry is a form of prayer. We manifest what we fear and worry about. Sometimes our projections are so great we create problems that never existed, drawing reactions out of others who by nature are peaceful loving beings. There are times when firm boundaries need to be set. Tough love means telling people what they need to hear not what they want to hear. This must be done with no need for acceptance and approval outside of self, and with no attachment to the outcome.

It is very hard to step back, hold our selves responsible and accountable for the people and experiences we magnetize to us, especially if we are running victim patterns or have not dealt with the wounded child. It is hard to let go of unhealthy patterns and be-lie-fs, especially when there has been temporary gain by acting out these patterns.

In today’s society we have been programmed to look totally to the external – [told] the external world will make us happy, provide our security, fulfill our hearts and souls desires.This is the greatest enslavement and tragedy. At the height of the internal world is a loving, joyous, powerful, manifesting god/goddess created in the image and likeness of God. On the way there you are going to experience all the blocks, wounds, traumas, and wrong conclusions from past experiences which create the illusion of separation. The angry, sad and wounded little child is going to vehemently demand to remain in control during this process. Yet it is manifesting everything it is in fear of happening again and defending against even its own healing. It is a no-win situation. The deeper the pain, sorrow, wounds and traumas the more the angry little child will act out, defend and refuse to let go. This is not rocket science. It is all about consciousness and energy – the vibrational continuum – and an extreme jump in evolution.

The source, God/Creator/Great Spirit is love, joy, bliss unimaginable. As this consciousness and energy presses down upon the Earth everything that does not resonate with it has to heal. We are multidimensional beings and this consciousness and energy is moving down the vibrational continuum, clearing out everything that does not resonate with it.

The baser levels of consciousness are fear, guilt, anger, unworthiness, selfishness, and the false belief in separation. Defending the “me” is ignorance of unity consciousness. These base attitudes and emotions can no longer be held within our fields or in the Earth’s fields. That grid is collapsing along with the manifestations that depend upon that grid.

You are going to see this in your relationships, your physical world, your institutions. Nothing will be able to maintain the lower frequencies as the vibrational lifting continues.And it is increasing exponentially. The hertzian or physical world as we know it will collapse (phase out) as the new world phases in. The greatest pain, sorrow, suffering and insecurity will come from holding on to the old world, holding on to the anger, pain, and sorrow of the past – trying to create from the wounded child something different than what wounded it from a wounded ego.

I love the saying “what are you afraid of other than what you are already creating?”

Why not go within, heal and focus on creating a different reality? Surrender the angry, wounded little child to the higher dimensional healers within. Stop sabotaging your life, blaming others, projecting the same patterns over and over while expecting a different result. These unhealed wounds and traumas are in the process of being exponentially energized. The lessons will come around again and again. They will become harder and harder until we surrender and get to the core of what is creating them.

Are we operating according to Universal Law? Is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Equality, Prosperity and Freedom for all the foundation in our lives? Do we understand the unified field and what it means to align with Unity Consciousness? Is there still the angry wounded little child playing the “me” separation game trying to create on the exterior what is lacking in the interior? Demanding love, respect, honesty, loyalty, and service to self, trying to fill a void yet not willing to find the things demanded from others in their own expression?

It takes brutal honesty, courage, and a willingness to be accountable and responsible for our creations, the people and events in our lives we manifested and magnetized to us to get through this process.

Very few have the tools, the understandings and the courage. The humility to own their creations, the wounded child and to make amends. This is why so much anger, pain, violence, and unloving acts are now coming to the surface. As we said resistance is futile. The angry little child, trying to create on the exterior from a broken and wounded interior is fruitless. There is no defense from our selves and the love of God; which is activating everything within ourselves, and, despite our denials, it is pressing forward.

If you don’t believe in a higher intelligence just think of Gamma Rays as 7the dimensional energies, the plane of bliss slamming the Earth over and over along with solar flares and ask yourselves what might be the effect? What happens when a higher frequency in introduced to a lower frequency? It is real basic physics 101. We are giving birth to a whole new world, a whole new us, and we need to heal and release the past if we are going to survive that birth.

Observe your creations, your fields, your attitudes, emotions. Release the past and surrender the wounded little child to the God within. There will be those who will resist this message to the degree that they want to continue with the wounded child driving their boat. There are those who will take this message and bash their friends and lovers over the head with it, project and blame like a crazed addict addicted to their victim patterns.

This information is for those who wish to heal them selves, understand the process Humanity and the Earth is undergoing. Release others to their own destiny and forget about the exterior. This is interior work for those who want to heal and become an example for others.

For any information about transpersonal healing sessions contact

Be well,
James Gilliland


Posted by Lady on May 25, 2013 at 8:45am…

Philosopher ~ Warrior ~ Angel

We are here on purpose. 
The focus of our journey thus far has been to wake ourselves and each other up.
We’ve served as reminders and mirrors and helpers for each other.  Sometimes with a hug, sometimes with a bit more force, we’ve been saying “Hey, I know you!  Remember me?  It’s almost time.  Let’s do this.”
Today, there are two points to share.  I suggest listening to the music here while you read.  (on low volume)

The first is that not all of us angels are the cherub types.  I’ve run into many, DreamHopper included, who fit into another style, completely self defined.  Allow me to introduce some common characteristics of the
These are Light Warriors. 
They do not travel in packs. 
They are more typically loners. 
They are not so moved by holding hands, singing “Kumbaya”. 
This music stirs them, moves them and excites them more. 
They may, in fact, by quite disagreeable and not easy to convince. 
They are probably rather blunt.
They are fierce, loyal to their family and love deeply. 
They distrust until convinced otherwise and act as sole judge and jury in every case.


They work for Balance, for One and their work takes on actions that many would rather avoid.  They are fearless and determined and formidable foes. 
They work alone and hence, in this life, may very well be “loners”. 
For them, justice is paramount and all are given equal quarter. 
They never act rashly, are deep thinkers and every effort is extended to benefit the Whole.


They are not team players, but work for One. 
They recognize and respect each others work.  They are strong willed, powerful and of pure heart. 
They have gathered here now for this very moment. 
It is time to free the planet.


Recently, their dreams involve battles.  They wake up feeling as if they were “pulled through a knot-hole” or that they’ve “acted in a Star Wars Saga.”  They did.  In their dream time, their greatest work is accomplished.


The second point is – It’s all happening in this moment NOW. 


Last night, DreamHopper had a dream that speaks to what is happening in Morocco. In it, the I/UV Exchange was live and it was his job, along with many others, to be sure people could get to it and access their value.  This involved physical protection as well as the introduction of ideas so that people would not either spend it all instantly or use it to continue to feed the slavery system by paying the banksters.


The I/UV cannot be stopped.  Yet there are many still around that would see it fail, or endeavor to steal whatever they can from whoever they have access to.  His efforts included a sort of mind battle as well, as those still invested in slavery thinking work on many levels and “dimensions”.  It included some magic.  Some things and some people disappeared.  He saw food replicators being worked on. 


He saw many others doing similar work.  His part in it involved re-educating those that he had stopped.  He referred to it as “extracting”.


We have a current system based on slavery and separation. His work was to extract from it what was working and could continue to, even in this new system; while leaving corruption and duality behind.


There is more, yet the point has been made.  We are not done, far from it.  My “off world contact” says we have three years to do this on our own.  If you are close to someone who sort of fits the description here, he or she may be fully engaged in ways you can’t see.  Thank them and understand that they’ll be really, really tired right now, and for some time to come.


We are all in this together.  Thank you for whatever part you play.  It’s far from over. 


You are the One.


The Wilde Weekly: How to Clean Your Soul

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Zen-Haven May 24 2013

The religions claim they can save your soul, but they don’t know where the soul is. That made me rather dubious.

Through  200,000 visions I’ve been shown the direction and nature of dimensions. The human soul gets information via the subconscious mind but it is NOT in your body, in fact its not even on earth. Interesting eh? It exists in a parallel universe, I called the Aluna Mirror-World, it faces you and it begins 18 inches away. In there is your body double, an exact replica of you with all your traits and memories. I named that replica, your Aluna-self.

When your brain stops at death there is no mechanism with which to remember who you were and what you did in life. It’s the Aluna double, the spiritual you, that retains the perpetual memory of you, so we can conclude it is what we call the human soul, because it acts like an external hard drive that backs up every single thought, feeling and action of your life.

You Clean Your Soul by Embracing Even More Light

Be Grateful for every last thing you have ever received and make a prayer of thanks and repeat it daily.

Be Forgiving and allow yourself to be forgiven in return. Do a forgiveness prayer daily, on your knees with your nose on the carpet, asking forgiveness for all the times you have been lacking.

Embrace the law of allowing. Let people do what they want to do even if you don’t agree with what they’re doing. It’s a gracious spirit that allows such freedom.

Be Peaceful. No emotional violence, anger and control trips and no physical violence of course. So that means no hatred as well.

Be Fair. No rips offs, no gossip, no slander, no ill will, no tricky stuff, no stealing and no promoting falsehoods.

Be Scrupulously Honest. No lies ever, about anything. Tell the truth 100% of the time.

Be Kind to people especially those you don’t like.

Be Generous. You don’t have to give your money away, just be generous of spirit, offer the world a soft eye.

Be Respectful of the animals and the people no matter what the people are or what they do.

Don’t Degrade Yourself.

Once your soul is clean, wander about the world and change people for the better just by walking past them. Nothing more is needed unless you want to go the extra mile.

© 2013 Stuart Wilde — Stuart Wilde.Com

Akashic Records are Corrupt

Before I begin I would like to prepare you a bit. We are all aware of the powers that be, archons, etc. But, how many of you know that the Akashic Hall of Records and the Spiritual Hierarchy are negative light? This includes the archangels. Everything we have known is a lie, 5d is an hierarchy as well.  All is love and light in the upper realms?? No its not, its a fight for energy and survival just the way it is here. As above so below hold true more than you will ever know. Anything that moves along the steps of dimensions as we know them in this reality is still in the matrix prison. Yes, it’s scary, but we must find all truth if we are to be truly free. 
Just to be clear, angels are not the enemy. Angels, specifically, archangels aren’t able to be aware that they aren’t working to help us. They have a job to do, to keep the whole cycle going. They don’t get told what happens at the end, they don’t get told why they’re doing what they’re doing just that they have to do it. They don’t have choice and freedom the way we do. As the ‘hand of God’ they simply carry out the tasks they have been given without question, believing it to be for the good of all. Many an angel has fallen as a result of figuring this out – many of you fell and are still questioning this exact reason but your punishments are so great that you concentrate on them not the real reason you’re here. Naturally we’re not told this, and they’re severely punished for even evolving enough to ask the questions. Those of you who love the angels, keep loving the angels. Just change the way you love them, ask them to join you on your path of evolution – they deserve to evolve just as we all do. Send them evolving light, just the way they send it to you. Believe in their true Light and goodness, this will help them to overcome their obstacles. They need our help too.
A few weeks ago the Akashic Records was attacked, the archangels could not stop it. They were defeated. Since the attack more people have awakened, those already awake are in freedom we’re not had in this reality. And, as we lean into this freedom memories and surety of self and mission increases….exponentially!! 
The akashic hall of records I liken to a malevolent computer program that controls the people born on earth only. Those who run it believe wholeheartedly that they’re doing the right thing, they don’t think to question what has always been standard operation procedure for the ‘good of all’. Those of us that have felt like we are running out of time for our missions and our lives have been a living hell, this was done on purpose. They have picked on a certain few of us for thousands of years making sure we reincarnated here and suffer the same things from one life to the next. When making your soul contracts, you didn’t choose your incarnation, your life. That is a lie! They choose for you and they make you suffer and suffer and never once get close to your “mission”. Even left with karmic ties to the ones over the many lives that were connected with our missions. All this has to go.
The akashic records are corrupt and full of lies about our lives keeping us locked into a hell we don’t believe we can overcome. We did not come here to learn, we don’t have lessons, people. You already know everything!! It’s all inside you! Lessons? Another lie keeping us from discovering who we truly are. This wasn’t meant to be a school of ‘life’, it was meant to be a beautiful world of natural evolution. Not controlled, biased evolution where only those who do the deeds of the dark by choice are given the upgrades and ‘luck’. 
I was there in the attack on the hall of records, I was not alone. We took it by storm and surprise as the attack was not to be found in the records. 🙂 My friends and I are fighting for humanity’s freedom. One of my friends is Lisafer, some of you know her some of you don’t. We fight for you as one of you, knowing that we see a bigger picture and that you will join us when you see the truth in the fearful programming instilled within you. Some of you reading this will have been there too.  
I have a friend that works in the hall of records and he said the weapons used were nothing like they had ever seen. Also said that the force that brought this on is unknown and not of this universe. (if this is difficult to get your head around, think about what ‘red matter’ does to matter and anti-matter in star trek movies, just as an example) He’s right. The force is from another universe, my home. This force recognises that what is happening here isn’t right, not just on this planet but the subversion of good at all levels. Angels only lose their power when their power Source doesn’t want them to have it anymore, when it is compromised itself. We wouldn’t have been able to storm the Akashic records if the Source of the Angels was doing the right thing for the right reasons. In fact, we wouldn’t have even been called there at all had that not been necessary, never mind with exactly what we needed to do what was necessary.  
Our only job on this planet is to awaken all that we can with real truth and to make it safe and possible for you to do so. We give all we have in these battles, coming back beat to hell, but it feels good!! The bruises and broken bones we wake up with are worth it, even though they’re extremely difficult to explain to those around us here on 3D Earth. Our time, the warrior’s time is here. It’s all but over when they send us in. I know some of you reading this are warriors as well, you are reading this for a reason. So ask yourself, what does your heart tell you? Do you really think that you made a soul contract which would break you or do you think that you made a soul contract to help your growth, which was subverted into making you a slave. What does your heart tell you friend?
Authors: Lisafer and eevie

Daisy Luther ~ UN Grocery List: Bread, Milk, Grubs, Beetles, Maggots

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The Organic Prepper May 15 2013

Have you ever read about a survival scenario where a kidnapping victim, a forgotten prisoner, or lost hiker was forced to choke down insects in order to survive? Did it sound repulsive? Demeaning? Even sub-human?

Well, welcome your life if the United Nations has anything to do with it.

Our “friends” at the United Nations have released a report that promises a solution to world hunger: Edible insects: Future prospects for food and feed security.

According to an article about the report that appeared on, the UN is

…asking us to consider how underutilized insects are as potential food for livestock, or the ways insect consumption could benefit the environment. The original report notes that insects’ feed conversion rate is fairly high (we’d get more for less, in other words), they could be raised on “organic side-streams” like human/animal waste, they emit fewer greenhouse gases and ammonia than animals like cattle and pigs, and they need much less water than the latter.”

If you needed more evidence that the “elite” and those in charge at the UN think of the rest of us as somewhat lesser beings, this is it. Do you think that Bill and Melinda Gates will be sending their housekeeper to the market to pick up a basket of fresh caterpillars for dinner? Will baked beetles be on the menu at the Rothschild estate? Will the Obama children have bug salad sandwiches in their lunch boxes when they go to school?

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization touts another environmental benefit of “farming” insects – they eat poop.

Aside from their nutritional value, farming insects could considerably benefit the environment. According to the FAO, insects emit fewer greenhouse gases and need less land or water than cattle when farmed.

As cold-blooded creatures they are “very efficient” in converting feed to protein, needing 12 times less feed than cattle in order to produce the same amount. They also feed on human and animal waste, and can transform this into protein. (source)

This suggestion that everyday people be reduced to consuming insects that are fed excrement is part of the hijacked green movement, cloaked under the guise of “sustainable development”. World leaders and fake environmental groups are doctoring science and conveying propaganda through tools like the media and the school systems. The development that is going to be sustained with their plan is not the development of everyday people like you and me. It is not the development of struggling families who don’t even have clean water to drink. It is the development of the “elite” and their heirs.

The thing that is so insidious about the UN is that they cloak their motives in an air of benevolence. They garner the whole-hearted support of the unaware by their word choices, their propaganda, and their warm politically correct facade. The people of the world are being willingly, happily led off a cliff, while being lulled by the UN Scheherazade. (learn more about the UN)

Through Agenda 21 and the United Nations, the ”elite” are attempting to brainwash the entire world to believe that allowing them to control the resources of the earth will be in our best interest. I would be willing to bet that grass-fed beef and free range chickens will still make their way to the groaning banquet tables of the wealthy.

Clearly, indigenous people around the world have consumed insects as part of their diet. However, do you believe they farm those insects and purposely feed them feces? There is an enormous difference between the UN’s proposition and the foraging methods that are employed by hunter-gatherers across the globe.

If the United Nations was truly concerned about the well-being and health of the hungry people of the world, wouldn’t they be teaching sustainable farming methods? Wouldn’t they be promoting urban gardening, micro-livestock, and handing out heirloom seed packets? Wouldn’t they be cracking down on companies like Monsanto and Dow, who are poisoning much of the farmland of the world with their toxic seeds and pesticides? This ispure Agenda 21 “resource management” and the purpose is to remove more resources from the hands of the poor and reallocate them to the wealthy.

If you are truly worried about world hunger, the answer is teaching food self-sufficiency. It is diverting gray water to the garden. It is learning to save seeds from one season to the next. It is using farming methods that feed your soil. It is the avoidance of toxic chemicals. It is urban farming techniques. It is learning how to work with one’s specific environment. It is the means to harvest and store water from multiple sources. It is true education, not brainwashing behind a disguise of benevolence, land grabs, and the presentation of dehumanizing options in a trendy new light.

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