Voynich Reveals Star Maps of Plant Origins

This is a must read on the Voynich manuscript that has been finally translated. Starmaps leading home? 🙂

The Yin Factor

  • Excerpt taken from Jason Kings “The Cannabible III”

    “Are You Sirius? Take a look at the word cannabis. Ever wonder what it means? Cannabis is a Greek word, though its root is African. In Greek, canna means ‘canine’ or ‘dog’ and bis or bi is the number two. So cannabis is the ‘two dog plant’! That in itself is interesting to me. But the pot thickens.

    There is a cannabis-loving tribe in Mali, West Africa called the Dogon tribe. A fairly well-documented group, the Dogons were visited by Herodotus, a Greek traveler and chronicler, around 300 BC. He was fortunate enough to have visited the Dogons during a year-long celebration that took place every 50 years. Explaining their celebration, the Dogons pointed to the brightest star in the Winter sky, Sirius, and said it was the ‘Two-Dog Star’ and that it was the home of the ‘two-dog plant’, cannabis. The…

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One thought on “Voynich Reveals Star Maps of Plant Origins

  1. Chris says:

    sadly Hillary Raimo’s analysis of the word cannabis is wrong
    Canna is not Ancient Greek and neither is -bis.
    ‘Kuon’ (transliterated) is Dog in Ancient Greek, ‘Canis’ in Latin
    ‘Bis’ is derived from Latin ‘Bi’ meaning two which in turn is derived from the Ancient Greek ‘di’

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