Newborn Stabilizes Twin Sister

Twins born prematurely qardasdıQızın you see in the picture condition sisters and her right after birth will be very hard olubHəkimlər umidində deyildilərAmma nurse babies in violation of the law when the same inkubatara qoyubƏkizlər next to each other, embraces his sister, brother healthy. A few minutes later, the girl’s heart beat and body temperature stabilləsir is normal. 
As you can see there is a qucaqlasmayla to save a man’s life. So, to your loved ones feel without the istiliyinizi etdirin later!

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This is badly translated but i think you get the pic. 🙂 No pun intended. 

4 thoughts on “Newborn Stabilizes Twin Sister

  1. Brave little Souls, they are, to have incarnated together in these times. WE must really need them. I am so greatful they came for us. Aren’t you? These are HAPPY times.

  2. EEVIE says:

    The tenacity of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me and most of it is from babes these days. We do need them!! Aubs nodded her head and said Boo when i gave her a hug from you and told her who it was from.
    This 2 babies did something to me. I can’t explain as i don’t fully understand yet, but it is wonderful. 🙂 I am grateful for these oh so powerful beings incarnating now in these tiny bodies. 🙂

    • I know the feeling you can’t explain. It is meant to be experienced and is why is so difficult to put in words. It is Love, Relief, Gratitude, Elation, Energy, Nourishment, Forgiveness, Healing, Abundance, Peace, Truth, Honor, Victory, Compassion, etc… One word doesn’t do it. I know, sis. It’s great. I love you. It’s going to be a fun Wilde ride. 😉 Glad that WE are riding it together, ALL of us. Kiss to Aubs.

  3. EEVIE says:

    It is all those at once and more. 🙂 Thank you. Yes, a very Wilde ride! lol It is the ultimate adventure is how i remember talking myself into coming here. ha I love you, too, sis. You are such a love and it just oozes from you. lol Yes, it does!! Thank you for being on this ride with me. the fun has just begun…….Will pass the kiss on. 🙂

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