The Mystical Scent of Avalon


Posted on October 15, 2013 by 

Author: Soren Dreier


There is a real place on this earth named Avalon. It is both an external place and it is within.

It is both illusive and firm. It is water and fire. It is feminine and masculine. But: It holds no contradictions.

In order to experience it — we will have to align inside and outside to grasp it. That to me is the only way in.

The psychology of it is: It cannot be grasped mentally, but the mere idea of such a place has to be introduced to the mind, to make room for the concept of such a place. When that room is solid, the scent of Avalon has to merge with the emotional body and become a feeling.

When Avalon is a feeling, it will reveal its scent. When the scent is felt, that means that the body is aligned too. So all three vehicles have to embrace the mystique of the place and it will open its doors to us.

I will be doing a series of writings that will set you out for The Quest for Avalon if you haven’t seen it yourself. I would enjoy being your traveling guide for a bit and then I will leave you there, inside the Avalon mist.

All have to go through that mist alone, but that’s safe, since there are no dangers lurking. It is all about love, transcendence and staying power. When those qualities are in place and vibrating, the mist will lift and Avalon becomes as real as in 3D.

Avalon is 5D.

I have for some time been able to go through the mists. And I would like to share that reality. I have many flaws and as you might know from my previous writings, I’m not into the elitist spirituality in any way. So my basic sentiment is: if I can do it – so can you.

For some decades now my life has been: ‘No Teacher – No Method – No Guru’.

I know Stuart spoke about it, but I don’t know his words or practices or what else he offered. So this Quest is not a spin off of Stuarts work. I had a friendship with Mr. Wilde but I never have been a student or attended any seminars with him. But we ‘clicked’ very well. A joy.

I have been very stubborn with that in search for ‘my own’ spiritually and perception of the esoteric or what we want to label it as, not to get interwoven with schools of thought and ‘that’s is how we do it’.

I have a need to question the ‘world as we know it’ and if one says: ‘go right’ – I have always gone left.

That little thing in my soul has in some ways made my life maybe a little more difficult than it needed to be, but that is not a complaint.

The sweetest thing in this world can be that one’s personal quest leads to a place where you will meet like-minded travelers of ‘a different reality’ fighting in the ever-going battle for spiritual and personal freedom.

That is the golden treasure in the cave.

That is: ‘I’m safe’ for a while and knowing that the journey has to continue in spite of ‘safe’.

On a different perspective:

We hardly ever encounter the same metaphysical reality package. Perceptions alter and transcend between shared reality and personal reality.

Personal reality not to be understood as: Ego, but merging out of the conception differences in the soul resonance of the beholder.

It is therefore a good idea maybe to ponder upon that, since the perceptions of the soul differ and we have to respect that fact. To me the differences of perception is a fact, since the ‘feel’ mostly is the same if it is not distorted by the ego opinion of ‘I’ being the only explorer.

The universe is there for the conquering, certainly not just for astronauts.

Together we will set out for the Quest of Avalon.

More to come.


© 2013 Soren Dreier

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