Stuart Wilde – The Sound of Water

This can change your life. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Stuart Wilde – The Sound of Water

  1. Same page, sis. Loved this message. The Sound of Water…

  2. EEVIE says:

    lol I just said basically the same thing to you on your post. lolol This is sweet. Was finally released today from the horrid tension and grieving. My baby grand daughter was experiencing it as well. We both hit oob together this afternoon and came back happy and smiling. Took care of something important. Papua new guinea had a 7.1 tonight with tsunami warnings. I’m really concerned about friends in new zealand.
    I’m glad the message resonated with you, Blue. I thought it might. Did with me, too. Cleared up some shit as well and that feels so good!! 🙂

    • Ears? Always! Never ends… ramped/amped up big time. It turned up the dial as I am writing this to you. I think it’s our own frequencies. What do you think? I am happy too. Evidence is everywhere. Yay!

      • EEVIE says:

        Yes, we are!! Have you listened to youtube video of the world sounds? They are back!! Some of them are calling to the whales and dolphins. I can hear it!! It is such a relief to have happy tears instead of the damn grieving. We are right on cue, sis. 🙂 Love you!!

      • Your mention of the whales sparked a memory of an oob communication session with the sea consciousness, many whales and dolphins, they are helping us. This was within the last 2 days. Rest, oob away! Come back sound, and with lots of good energy.

      • EEVIE says:

        In LOTR, Galadriel spoke of an age, the end of the age they were in as we are now. She said, If we stay we will become slow and stupid. Not in those exact words, but i can get them later. lol But, the meaning is clear. Stay here in the old and lose consciousness. Go west, higher vibe. 🙂 I’m too tired to elaborate right now. Love you. Tomorrow. 🙂

  3. EEVIE says:

    Blue, my ears are screaming bloody murder. louder and higher than ever before. you?

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