Karl Denninger ~ “I’m Done”

Karl Denninger ~ “I’m Done”.


7 thoughts on “Karl Denninger ~ “I’m Done”

  1. Evidence is everywhere, change is infectious.

  2. EEVIE says:

    It is and i am coming back to life due to the unfolding truths and these truths are downloads, memories coming to the fore. I read another post elsewhere that spoke of the true spiritual people are the ones who have turned away from channeling coz they recognize truth.

  3. EEVIE says:

    I also read tonight that there is a congressional deal to take down Obama. I’ll see if i can find the link. Charges of treason and war crimes. Ouch. 🙂 That will be just the beginning, the first domino to go down. they have evidence also of all the false flags last month being part of Obama’s scheme to activate marshall law. But, they just keep getting caught with their pants down. lol

  4. EEVIE says:

    lololol shit happens. sorry bout that last post. it says nothing. lolol

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