The statists in Washington keep every detail of their massive, ILLEGAL, and growing surveillance state hidden in secret. 

In fact, much of what our federal government does now has never been exposed to Congressional OR Court oversight. 

And we believe that’s for good reason. 

But once exposed, it would only be a matter of time before the American people rise up and say “NO MORE!” And for the sake of our Constitutional Republic, that’s exactly what we must do! 

So please sign your Statement of Support to help defend the Constitution and restore our Fourth Amendment right to privacy. 

And after you sign your Statement, please make a generous contribution to help C4L fight within the halls of Congress and help Ladar Levison legally take the fight directly to the NSA.

Ladar Levison:

Statement of Support

Whereas:   The protection of privacy is a fundamental and important right under any free society; and
Whereas:   More secret surveillance abuses are being exposed seemingly every week; and
Whereas:   Combined with Campaign for Liberty’s legislative fight to restore our Fourth Amendment, your legal fight is key to restoring our Constitution’s Fourth Amendment; and
Whereas:   Once more tech companies realize the American people want unconstitutional spying programs ended, more will become emboldened to stand up to the unconstitutional infringements on our Fourth Amendment rights.
Therefore:   I am signing my Statement of Support to show my backing for your critical efforts.

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