Dear Syria and all countries around the globe…

(tell the world) that we are, as Americans, being held prisoner by this criminal government. Many of us try to take legal channels to stop the wars, the poisoning of (y)our water, air and food supply and are either killed or persecuted for it. Many of us have been attempting to rein in our out-of-control “governments”: We demonstrate, sign petitions, make phone calls, have meetings, etc., and are spied on, recorded, drugged, prosecuted, raped and/or “suicided” for our efforts. Our educational system has been taken over by chattering robots who forcefully drug our children and fill their heads with drivel. If we homeschool, try to refuse vaccination or try to feed our children real food, e.g.raw milk, they try to take them from us. And if the children are removed from the home, they are usually molested by their “saviors”. If we travel by air or attend a football game, we have to be sexually assaulted to get in the door. The television has slowly taken over our lives with subliminal programming. Our medical system is for-profit only, leaving a large portion of the population drugged, ill and barely functioning. It is rare to find a person who is not taking any medication at all. Those of us who actually have jobs are now being worked like slaves for less and less pay. Our military people are only slightly more mind-controlled than the civilians. So many of us are in a very sorry state of being.

So what our government is doing to you, on orders from the international bankers, they are also doing to us. We are slowly waking up to this and we hope it is not too late for us or for you. We love our freedom-loving sisters and brothers across the world and only want peace.


Please spread around the world. 🙂

Dear Syria…


4 thoughts on “Dear Syria…

  1. I reblogged this. Let it go viral. Let it be HEARD.

    • EEVIE says:

      I saw that before i saw this, Blue. lol THank you so very, very much, sis. My heart is expanding at an alarming rate due to the love of the awakening people. They are fading some heat for us finally, but now is not the time to back off. Now is the time to strike!! 🙂

  2. All my energy focused on peace.

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