Morphing ‘The Azure Isles Of The Aluna’

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Author: Soren Dreier


The morph seems to be changing.

I noticed that yesterday, when going into it. It seems to have gotten an azure-like blue coloring to it that I haven’t seen before.

Going into the Morph however and how to perceive it, is very much tied in with our own perceptive software so to speak.

It is like taking a walk down the street with someone. Coming home saying: Did you see those children playing soccer and the companion saying: What children. They weren’t in his or her perception range but they still were there. You saw them.

The morph doesn’t look the same to different persons or their perceptive software. So I could argue that my perception has changed, and I´m sure it has, but that is not the only explanation. As usual there is synchronicity in what the people I work with write to me. It seems to be changing for them too.

I had a rather interesting talk with a lady in Canada that I recognized from the Morph. In the Morph everybody looks like they are 30, so one can’t pick a person up by the biological look but more at a frequencies level.

She had this problem and a lot seem to have it now, they seem to be more weary and tired in the morning than they actually were before going to bed.

She asked me to work on her tiredness, and I couldn’t find anything sort of mundane about it. Then it struck me, I had seen her in the Morph as a fierce fighter participating in what Stuart Wilde often referred to as Aluna – Fighters.

She responded: Me fighting in the Morph? That’s sounds incredible but I thought there were only very few female fighters, Stuart said so.

Well, the Morph is obviously morphing and a lot of people are called to participate in the fighting more than ever.

I meet a lot of male and female fighters in the Morph and they often greet me, people do that in the Morph. And in some strange way they seem to find each other via the frequencies of the Internet, which are built up like the morph.
Not solid, frequencies, images and words that manifest in front of us, via the interference of an operative system and a network and Wi-Fi frequencies. Actually there are similarities.

It’s very strange and very cool.

The only way I reckon that the Morph could be changing this way is by us: changing and hereby the collective consciousness shifting.

If big events happen, usually on the spiritual front like: Break through experiences or emotional break throughs, the Morph will too. It makes sense – since the Morph is the most un-solid thing I can imagine.

There are layers to the Morph and by any means, entering the Morph or the ability to do so, isn’t elitist in any way. That’s a huge misconception.

The Morph follows our perception as mentioned, and the more we expand that the more layers we encounter in the Morph, but as stated: The different layers and the look and feel of them are both perceived individually and collectively.

Like: If you don’t know how to fight the ghouls, you won’t enter that realm. Too risky. If you know you can fight them you are on “The Isles” and fighting in the outskirts of Elysium. It´s mythical. I like to use those terms, since the buildings in the Morph have a resemblance to that mythology.

Anyway going into the Morph last night, I found myself in azure blue surroundings, looking down a hillside with all these fierce samurai like men and women fighting what seem to be very weary ghouls.

The ghoul world is weakened on a collective scale right now, so it’s a good time to kill them without losing too much strength.

So if you find yourself run over by a bus in the morning and you know you can go into the morph, maybe consider: Your soul is battling either inner or outer ghouls. Same thing really, in most cases. When taking to a higher ground, it will be the external ghouls, only thing: If you can see them – they can see you.

Why do we think that when we sleep our soul, consciousness or what we prefer to call it, would find that task interesting. It strays.

If not into the morph, into whatever perception we have of the celestial. It surely doesn’t stay at home, but it keeps its attention at home.

It can be a hard job to enter the body in the mornings. It can physically be very hurtful.It’s all very interesting.

The Morph is Shifting, of course it is and when it does – so do we.


© 2013 Soren Dreier


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  1. This makes a lot sense…

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