Stuart Wilde ~ The Wilde Weekly: The Trance Daze Of The Global Mind

Zen-Haven June 7 2013


Watching people in the street you can see they are in a trance-like state, one woman I was watching had her eyes almost completely shut, she didn’t hit anything but she looked asleep.

The electromagnetic pollution from mobile phones affects people’s brain. They appear drugged. Of course some of them are drugged, but you get what I mean.

I’ve met so many people recently that refuse to carry a mobile phone. I recommend they keep their phone  turned off with the SIM card out of the phone, taped to the back of the phone say. And that they should only turn it on when absolutely necessary, if they breakdown at 3 a.m. in the rain say.

Mobile phones dish out brain tumors that’s why they aren’t good, and they can be used to track your whereabouts. I have suggested before, that if you have to have a phone send it on sunny holidays when your mates go to Mexico or Spain or where ever, have them send a couple of text messages someplace… keeps the Fat Controller’s pet gorilla guessing.

The Controllers are paranoiac because they live in a hellish state, which in effect is the dimension of their self-created bubble of evil, and that paranoia affects their ability to think clearly, they become self-obsessed drones of the state, dangerous yes, but they only have a collective mind not a true mind.

When the satellites go, the phone and the internet will end overnight. Then there we’ll see the Government’s listening apparatus twiddling their pencils listening to the scary sound of total silence. Puurfect!  Tee hee.

On Emails Do This: Send dippy, prearranged emails to your mates saying something like “You’ve just gotten a condo on Pluto and the Celestial Beings in the spirit world have agreed you can go there on Thursdays.”

Then send lots of emails to yourself praising yourself for silly little things like say, “Dear Stuie, thank you so much for getting some more toothpaste from the 7-11, it meant so much to me, you’re utterly marvelous! Love Stuie.”

In these ways anyone watching will think you are a complete loop fruit and not a threat to the fascism system. Cool eh? Simple solution are always the best.

Carry a banana in case the Government gorilla is at the cross walk on your way to work.

© 2013 Stuart Wilde.

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3 thoughts on “Stuart Wilde ~ The Wilde Weekly: The Trance Daze Of The Global Mind

  1. I will make sure to take a banana with me in case they are hungry. I usually tape a menu or two on my door in case they’re hungry when they knock.

    • EEVIE says:

      lolol I would love to see everyone carrying and handing out bananas for this very reason. Talk about a bold statement and uniting of humanity!!
      A menu or two! rofl Love you, Blue.

  2. EEVIE says:

    Hi, Blue. 🙂 I still mourn the loss of Stuart, a warrior extraordinaire. Seems he knew what we would need and left us with what will carry us through this shit storm.

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