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Philosopher ~ Warrior ~ Angel

We are here on purpose. 
The focus of our journey thus far has been to wake ourselves and each other up.
We’ve served as reminders and mirrors and helpers for each other.  Sometimes with a hug, sometimes with a bit more force, we’ve been saying “Hey, I know you!  Remember me?  It’s almost time.  Let’s do this.”
Today, there are two points to share.  I suggest listening to the music here while you read.  (on low volume)

The first is that not all of us angels are the cherub types.  I’ve run into many, DreamHopper included, who fit into another style, completely self defined.  Allow me to introduce some common characteristics of the
These are Light Warriors. 
They do not travel in packs. 
They are more typically loners. 
They are not so moved by holding hands, singing “Kumbaya”. 
This music stirs them, moves them and excites them more. 
They may, in fact, by quite disagreeable and not easy to convince. 
They are probably rather blunt.
They are fierce, loyal to their family and love deeply. 
They distrust until convinced otherwise and act as sole judge and jury in every case.


They work for Balance, for One and their work takes on actions that many would rather avoid.  They are fearless and determined and formidable foes. 
They work alone and hence, in this life, may very well be “loners”. 
For them, justice is paramount and all are given equal quarter. 
They never act rashly, are deep thinkers and every effort is extended to benefit the Whole.


They are not team players, but work for One. 
They recognize and respect each others work.  They are strong willed, powerful and of pure heart. 
They have gathered here now for this very moment. 
It is time to free the planet.


Recently, their dreams involve battles.  They wake up feeling as if they were “pulled through a knot-hole” or that they’ve “acted in a Star Wars Saga.”  They did.  In their dream time, their greatest work is accomplished.


The second point is – It’s all happening in this moment NOW. 


Last night, DreamHopper had a dream that speaks to what is happening in Morocco. In it, the I/UV Exchange was live and it was his job, along with many others, to be sure people could get to it and access their value.  This involved physical protection as well as the introduction of ideas so that people would not either spend it all instantly or use it to continue to feed the slavery system by paying the banksters.


The I/UV cannot be stopped.  Yet there are many still around that would see it fail, or endeavor to steal whatever they can from whoever they have access to.  His efforts included a sort of mind battle as well, as those still invested in slavery thinking work on many levels and “dimensions”.  It included some magic.  Some things and some people disappeared.  He saw food replicators being worked on. 


He saw many others doing similar work.  His part in it involved re-educating those that he had stopped.  He referred to it as “extracting”.


We have a current system based on slavery and separation. His work was to extract from it what was working and could continue to, even in this new system; while leaving corruption and duality behind.


There is more, yet the point has been made.  We are not done, far from it.  My “off world contact” says we have three years to do this on our own.  If you are close to someone who sort of fits the description here, he or she may be fully engaged in ways you can’t see.  Thank them and understand that they’ll be really, really tired right now, and for some time to come.


We are all in this together.  Thank you for whatever part you play.  It’s far from over. 


You are the One.



  1. EEVIE says:

    Here is the video for the post. Had a few probs with it.

  2. Thank you for this. It was exactly what I needed to hear (read). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. EEVIE says:

    LOL Most welcome, blue. Still brings tears of joy and confirmation to me every time i read it. I don’t give a damn what they say…..validation is important for warriors with one another.

  4. EEVIE says:

    blue, this has turned out to be the most important post i’ve ever done. Another site i posted it to has been a hard nut to crack. They are all into channelings and that says it all. Nothing new ever comes in unless it was channeled and Oh! definitely no war, no battle, only love, love, love…….of course there is only love, but not fight for freedom? ha
    Anyway this post helped break down some solid beliefs…why? because it called the warriors to come out of hiding and profess their being here, being engaged in battle….even if just to themselves…….this they can deny no longer. Not that many of us on earth. Some have been taken out like Mr. Wilde., I pick up a few here, a few there….:) We have already prevailed, we have already won. We are just going thru the motions now.

    • That is so very comforting at a time when you have to muster your 1000th wind.

      • EEVIE says:

        There has to be an answer for this wretched in the dna and soul tiredness. Every fucking time i sit back to enjoy a well earned rest from battle, they regroup on me and i mean instantly. You the same?

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