The Wilde Weekly: How to Clean Your Soul

Posted on May 24, 2013 by 

Zen-Haven May 24 2013

The religions claim they can save your soul, but they don’t know where the soul is. That made me rather dubious.

Through  200,000 visions I’ve been shown the direction and nature of dimensions. The human soul gets information via the subconscious mind but it is NOT in your body, in fact its not even on earth. Interesting eh? It exists in a parallel universe, I called the Aluna Mirror-World, it faces you and it begins 18 inches away. In there is your body double, an exact replica of you with all your traits and memories. I named that replica, your Aluna-self.

When your brain stops at death there is no mechanism with which to remember who you were and what you did in life. It’s the Aluna double, the spiritual you, that retains the perpetual memory of you, so we can conclude it is what we call the human soul, because it acts like an external hard drive that backs up every single thought, feeling and action of your life.

You Clean Your Soul by Embracing Even More Light

Be Grateful for every last thing you have ever received and make a prayer of thanks and repeat it daily.

Be Forgiving and allow yourself to be forgiven in return. Do a forgiveness prayer daily, on your knees with your nose on the carpet, asking forgiveness for all the times you have been lacking.

Embrace the law of allowing. Let people do what they want to do even if you don’t agree with what they’re doing. It’s a gracious spirit that allows such freedom.

Be Peaceful. No emotional violence, anger and control trips and no physical violence of course. So that means no hatred as well.

Be Fair. No rips offs, no gossip, no slander, no ill will, no tricky stuff, no stealing and no promoting falsehoods.

Be Scrupulously Honest. No lies ever, about anything. Tell the truth 100% of the time.

Be Kind to people especially those you don’t like.

Be Generous. You don’t have to give your money away, just be generous of spirit, offer the world a soft eye.

Be Respectful of the animals and the people no matter what the people are or what they do.

Don’t Degrade Yourself.

Once your soul is clean, wander about the world and change people for the better just by walking past them. Nothing more is needed unless you want to go the extra mile.

© 2013 Stuart Wilde — Stuart Wilde.Com


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