Akashic Records are Corrupt

Before I begin I would like to prepare you a bit. We are all aware of the powers that be, archons, etc. But, how many of you know that the Akashic Hall of Records and the Spiritual Hierarchy are negative light? This includes the archangels. Everything we have known is a lie, 5d is an hierarchy as well.  All is love and light in the upper realms?? No its not, its a fight for energy and survival just the way it is here. As above so below hold true more than you will ever know. Anything that moves along the steps of dimensions as we know them in this reality is still in the matrix prison. Yes, it’s scary, but we must find all truth if we are to be truly free. 
Just to be clear, angels are not the enemy. Angels, specifically, archangels aren’t able to be aware that they aren’t working to help us. They have a job to do, to keep the whole cycle going. They don’t get told what happens at the end, they don’t get told why they’re doing what they’re doing just that they have to do it. They don’t have choice and freedom the way we do. As the ‘hand of God’ they simply carry out the tasks they have been given without question, believing it to be for the good of all. Many an angel has fallen as a result of figuring this out – many of you fell and are still questioning this exact reason but your punishments are so great that you concentrate on them not the real reason you’re here. Naturally we’re not told this, and they’re severely punished for even evolving enough to ask the questions. Those of you who love the angels, keep loving the angels. Just change the way you love them, ask them to join you on your path of evolution – they deserve to evolve just as we all do. Send them evolving light, just the way they send it to you. Believe in their true Light and goodness, this will help them to overcome their obstacles. They need our help too.
A few weeks ago the Akashic Records was attacked, the archangels could not stop it. They were defeated. Since the attack more people have awakened, those already awake are in freedom we’re not had in this reality. And, as we lean into this freedom memories and surety of self and mission increases….exponentially!! 
The akashic hall of records I liken to a malevolent computer program that controls the people born on earth only. Those who run it believe wholeheartedly that they’re doing the right thing, they don’t think to question what has always been standard operation procedure for the ‘good of all’. Those of us that have felt like we are running out of time for our missions and our lives have been a living hell, this was done on purpose. They have picked on a certain few of us for thousands of years making sure we reincarnated here and suffer the same things from one life to the next. When making your soul contracts, you didn’t choose your incarnation, your life. That is a lie! They choose for you and they make you suffer and suffer and never once get close to your “mission”. Even left with karmic ties to the ones over the many lives that were connected with our missions. All this has to go.
The akashic records are corrupt and full of lies about our lives keeping us locked into a hell we don’t believe we can overcome. We did not come here to learn, we don’t have lessons, people. You already know everything!! It’s all inside you! Lessons? Another lie keeping us from discovering who we truly are. This wasn’t meant to be a school of ‘life’, it was meant to be a beautiful world of natural evolution. Not controlled, biased evolution where only those who do the deeds of the dark by choice are given the upgrades and ‘luck’. 
I was there in the attack on the hall of records, I was not alone. We took it by storm and surprise as the attack was not to be found in the records. 🙂 My friends and I are fighting for humanity’s freedom. One of my friends is Lisafer, some of you know her some of you don’t. We fight for you as one of you, knowing that we see a bigger picture and that you will join us when you see the truth in the fearful programming instilled within you. Some of you reading this will have been there too.  
I have a friend that works in the hall of records and he said the weapons used were nothing like they had ever seen. Also said that the force that brought this on is unknown and not of this universe. (if this is difficult to get your head around, think about what ‘red matter’ does to matter and anti-matter in star trek movies, just as an example) He’s right. The force is from another universe, my home. This force recognises that what is happening here isn’t right, not just on this planet but the subversion of good at all levels. Angels only lose their power when their power Source doesn’t want them to have it anymore, when it is compromised itself. We wouldn’t have been able to storm the Akashic records if the Source of the Angels was doing the right thing for the right reasons. In fact, we wouldn’t have even been called there at all had that not been necessary, never mind with exactly what we needed to do what was necessary.  
Our only job on this planet is to awaken all that we can with real truth and to make it safe and possible for you to do so. We give all we have in these battles, coming back beat to hell, but it feels good!! The bruises and broken bones we wake up with are worth it, even though they’re extremely difficult to explain to those around us here on 3D Earth. Our time, the warrior’s time is here. It’s all but over when they send us in. I know some of you reading this are warriors as well, you are reading this for a reason. So ask yourself, what does your heart tell you? Do you really think that you made a soul contract which would break you or do you think that you made a soul contract to help your growth, which was subverted into making you a slave. What does your heart tell you friend?
Authors: Lisafer and eevie

11 thoughts on “Akashic Records are Corrupt

  1. My heart tells me that my questions have been answered. My energy was among you in the battle. I’m aware and I FEEL it. I am ready, willing. I’ve heard the call. I look forward to further disclosure. Thank you. Much empowered strength.

    • rusirius1111 says:

      Hi, blue. The proverbial shtf is turning out to be in our favor. I am meeting my sisters of light this week and I greet you and welcome you as one. This is shocking news for humanity, but necessary for their freedom. It was quite a battle! I sustained an injured eye from an archangel that would not heal. He came to me the other day and healed my eye, apologized and said he didn’t understand at first. We are not only awakening 3d but all levels of reality! Totally unprecedented!
      Thank you for letting me know you are one of us! It is our time, to do what we came here to do and that tells me this farce of so called life on this planet is at an end. Stay strong, protect yourself, family and all concerned. They have hit me with everything they have but I WILL NOT STOP!
      I will see you in battle, sweetie. We are getting together in 3d with planned hits as well as those we didn’t plan in 3d. 🙂

      • Ahhhh, the planned and unplanned. The force of the opposing current is what makes us stronger, sisters… They have awoken a sleeping GIANT and they know it. God bless their souls, they’re gonna need it. A SUPERNOVA is coming, hold on to your britches.
        Much LOVE & Empowered Strength each on their path and in unity.

  2. rusirius1111 says:

    Can I share your comments on another site, please? Every bit of validation is essential not only for our sisters, but those who thought they were awake, but are hearing truths like the akashic for the first time.

    lyrics from Trenches one of my battle songs. 🙂
    I’ve waited all my life to get out of the trenches
    I’m ready to fight for what I believe you can steal from me
    I won’t take this
    Gonna fill these trenches and stand up
    Wake up, I won’t give up
    Cause here I come, here I come
    sisters of the light are uniting….once again…… and this time we take no prisoners. 🙂
    I wonder if this is common knowledge among those like FWH.

  3. rusirius1111 says:

    Thank you, Blue. Love you, too, sweetie. 🙂

  4. EEVIE says:

    lololol Oh yes! During battle a few weeks or so back I had to use my voice, no other weapons would work. Smashing success! But, last week, i was happy, singing and dancing around the house……my voice completely and instantly went in mid song. I haven’t gotten it back yet. Guess i should have let my vocal chords rest after using them for a weapon. I’m remembering much the hard way. lol

    I just sent you an email with a question i didn’t want public. I hope you don’t mind. it will be under barbra.

  5. EEVIE says:

    The effect of my voice on them totally disintegrated them. blew me away. 🙂

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